26 April 2012

Weekly Menu 4.26.12

Thursday 4/26
Lunch -  Sam's Club Pizza
 Supper -  Conquering the Compost Pasta. 

Friday 4/27
Lunch - Pic-A-Nic to the Park.  We may take Compost Pasta as Pasta Salad - or maybe PB&H Sandwiches - or maybe the hummus that's been in the fridge for 10 days -  what is Hummus's Fridge Life? 

Supper -  Bowling Alley Pizza.  This is not something clever.  We are going on a bowling date.  Our groupon outing includes a pizza.  We will be eating it.     

Saturday 4/28
Lunch - I have a Baby Shower.  Paul has already declared he'll be having leftover Compost Pasta.  I've got to quit calling it that - it's making it less appetizing. 

Supper -Going to a friend's to play poker. Bowling and poker in one weekend?  What?  say something.  Our kids are going to grandparents.  We're pretending we're still in our twenties.  


What the hell happened to our twenties? 

Sunday 4/29
Lunch -  Being hosted for lunch by some sweet friends at church.  I hear shrimp pasta is in our future.  Since shrimp + noodles is my favorite ever, I'm thrilled.  I'm bringing German Chocolate Caramel Cake and Ice Cream.  Every Single One Of Those Letters Deserves Capitalization.  Dadgomit. 

Supper - Multiple Courses.  I'm in the mood.  Kids gone all day Saturday.  Which means cooking day for me!  Main Dish - Sausage and Chicken stuffed Manicotti.  Also having a roasted corn bisque, a cannelini and arugula salad and a ginger sorbet.  It's my hobby. 

Monday 4/30
Lunch - Salad.  ;) 
Supper -Black Bean Soup and Veggie Quesadillas with my daddy, favorite stepmother, and my sweet granddaddy. 

Tuesday 5/1
Lunch -  Taking a pic-a-nic to a friend's for a work meeting.  Good to be friends with colleagues. 
Supper - Leftover Clean Out / If there aren't enough - meal out of the freezer - garlic, white bean and salsa verde enchiladas.  

Wednesday 5/2
Lunch - Leftovers / Doctored Up Rice
Supper -  Hymn Sing / Pizza

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