05 April 2012

Weekly Menu - 04/05/12

I seriously must do better!  We don't stop eating - I just stop writing about it, and I really do love to be able to look back and see what we were eating and doing and loving and so much more. 


Lunch with Ma at the 'xican restaurant. 
Supper - Maundy Thursday Soup, Biscuit Bread, Wine


Lunch - plundering of leftovers
Supper - grilled chicken paninis (comeback, onions, cheese, spinach, sam's french bread)

Lunch - mediteranean picnic - hummus, tzatzkiki, veggies, pita, grilled chicken tenders
Supper - haven't quite gotten there yet, but I will.  I'll be cooking for Sunday, so it will likely involve a box of angel hair, some vegetables, and some parmesan cheese


Lunch - Easter Feast
Supper - Spaghetti and Garlic Bread


Lunch - Leftovers, clearly
Supper - I'm headed out for a dear friend's birthday celebration. Paul and the kids will be feasting upon bean and rice burritos. 


Lunch - bean burritos
Supper - Red Beans and Rice with Sausage

Lunch - Red Beans and Rice
Supper - Pork at Church

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