26 December 2014

2014 Christmas Review

Two thousand fourteen has been an excellent year for the Forsters, though definitely the most hectic we've had as a family.

We are so tired and so full of God's bountiful blessings.

Our biggest change this year was that we moved.  We are still in Jackson, and our new house is just what we've wanted for the children  to spend their main growing up years in.  We have space, but we're cozy, and the kids have an upstairs all to themselves (and, yes, away from us...).  We back up to a slew of undeveloped forest, which I call the Hundred Acre Wood, which satisfies my craving for daily literary allusions.  Delightfully, the name of our little neighborhood is actually Sherwood Forest.  I know I'm mixing genres and time periods, but at least they're both British? Lord willing, we'll be here for the duration.