24 August 2016

2015: Christmas Time Review

Ada Brooks
Book:  Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
TV Show:  Fetch with Ruff Ruffman
Movie: Inside Out
Music: The General by Dispatch
New Skill:  Baking
School Subject: Math
Thing to Wear: jeans and a tshirt
Food: Flourless Chocolate Torte
Color: Pink
Activity: working in the kitchen
Memory:  Seeing the Lion King on Broadway with Ba and D and all the food on the trip. 

Book:  E. Aster Bunnymund by William Joyce
TV Show:  Ultimate Spiderman
Movie: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Music: Elvira (by the Oakridge Boys)  or O Come O Come Emmanuel or anything by Pentatonix
New Skill:  Pole Vaulting with a stick he found in the woods called his staff.
School Subject: Math
Thing to Wear: Sumo footy pajamas
Food: Good Beef in General, especially that steak we had in August. 
Color: Blue
Activity: Climbing
Memory:  Watching the Rebels beat Mississippi State and just knowing we beat Alabama and LSU. 

Book:  "All the Magic Treehouses" by Mary Pope Osborne
TV Show:  Odd Squad
Movie: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Music: Christmas Hymns
New Skill:  Reading real live chapter books all by himself
School Subject: Math
Thing to Wear: Sweatpants and an ole miss shirt
Food: Cheese Ravioli
Color: Blue
Activity: Playing with Seth (his bestie who moved away this year)
Memory:  Going to the Beans' new house all by myself and building forts. 

Elsa Gray:
Book:  But Not the Hippopotamus
TV Show:  Sesame Street (Particularly Elmo)
Movie:  The Adventure's of Winnie the Pooh (The only movie she'll sit and watch).
Music: Elmo's World Theme Song
New Skill:  Talking
School Subject: Colors
Thing to Wear: Dresses
Food: Yumby Chocket Tandy
Color: Pink
Activity: Dancing.  Definitely. 

a tiny tidbit

An old family friend of ours just wrote a book, which was based on a compilation of letters her mother wrote while enrolled at Blue Mountain College in the mid 20th century.

My family founded Blue Mountain in the late nineteenth century, and she thought it would be fun for me to write something for the book's dust jacket.

I had a bit of fun with it.  I am thankful for my strong mother and grandmothers, for my strong daughters, and for many southern sisters who have taught me, through many hard lessons, that strength is not about being the loudest or being perceived as important or right.  Strength is wisdom and joy, despite your external circumstances.  It says so right there in the Proverbs, and it says so right there in our lives.

It comes with opening your arms and home and welcoming people into your life - not with building walls to keep them out.

And, it comes with the carrying on of our traditions and our people and passing that on to the next generation.  We are not immortal.  But our names and our recipes and our traditions and our kindnesses will live on long after we are gone.

And that is strength.

Here is what will be on the book: