25 January 2017

Why I Didn't March

Last weekend, there was this march.  Don't know if you heard.  

More than half a million women and their supporters marched in Washington, and probably a million others marched around the country and the world.  Maybe more, depending on which alternative of the facts you support.  Regardless, it was a lot.  

These citizens largely marched in protest of our recently elected and now inaugurated President Trump.  They also marched for women's rights and a slew of other progressive causes.  If you want to read the official platform, you can find it here. 

I didn't join these women.  

I am compelled to speak into the noise because of the misunderstandings I've seen throughout media, social and otherwise.  If one tried to respond to each position, well, whack-a-mole city.  But, I will endeavor to try to articulate a few.