20 November 2015

Gobbling up the Gratitude

Ten years of Thanksgiving at the Forster home.   My Forster home.  Oh, how my heart swells with gratitude for the man who made me a Forster and for all the blessings God has seen fit to dole out upon us along the way.

This is our tenth year of marriage and our tenth Thanksgiving meal to host together.  I didn't write down the first three, but here are the most recent six, if you're curious and you have 42 minutes to read them (though, I can't imagine that's what you want to do with your 42 minutes).  


It is so very nice to look back and see what we did when -when I had energy and when I was tired; when we were traditional and when we were edgy; when I had lots of help and when I went it alone.

This year is different - they all are - but this one feels more different.  We very recently lost a dear, godly man, my step father, and so we are giving thanks in the midst of grief.  Even before this loss, we had decided to be a bit non traditional in menu this year, and now it seems even more fitting.  We will raise a glass to D, and eat good things as we give thanks to our Creator. 

To the menu: