15 April 2011

what is thankful house?

We live in a house.

We are a family of five.

We're trying to be thankful.

I, Ann Lowrey, am the primary author of this here website.   I am the goose, married to my gander, Paul, and we have three goslings, an eldest girl, Ada, and her two little brothers, Eason and Collins, approximately 7, 4, and 2 years respectively.

We do a lot - we cook (and eat), we host (and visit), we discipline (and are disciplined), we educate (and, goodness knows, are educated).

We mess up a lot, being human and all, but the thread that brings us back to center is gratitude.  We are trying to be thankful -  to God and to all of those around us.  For our friends, our health, our things, our appetites.  If only the metabolisms always went along with the appetites.  

Thankful House is just us, and a place for you to come and be thankful with us.  We love help along the way and hope to be that for a few folks as well.  

And, whether we're blessed enough to live in your neighborhood, or you stumbled upon us in a land far away, we are thankful for you.  Stick around, drop us a line, and laugh with us, please.