13 November 2012

Gobblin' up a Storm!

How many times did you complete this coloring sheet as a child? 

It's that time again. 

We're almost there.  A measly 9 days from now, I'll be frantically scooping things out of the oven and finding a place to keep them warm and ready. 

And, I get to go it all with one oven instead of two, so that should be fun this year. 

I've not yet worked a schedule of events, but I probably need to do that soon.  And then there is the shopping list.  I'll shop on Monday morning.   Also, there is the table to think on and the personalized place cards that AB has to find pinterest inspiration to complete.  My guest list is modest, as usual -  9 adults and three kids - but that doesn't stop me from being a crazy person with the feasting. 

What we've eaten the last few years:

So, here we go: 

The Pre-Meal Bites
0.  Carrie, my stepmother, is bringing an appetizer and cocktail.  Yay.  

The Bird
1.  Turkey.  I'm going to use a tried and true cooking method in Come on In - I need my oven available on actual T-Day morning.  It's called "Turkey While You Sleep" -  But, their seasonings are a bit bland, so I'm going to spice it up a bit.  I'll google around and see what I can find.  Idears are appreciated

The First Course
2.  Butternut Bisque.  Here is Martha's recipe.  I'm sure I'll mess with it, but not much.   I've never done a soup on Thanksgiving, but why not?  I mean, why the heck not? 

The Side Board
3.  Sweet Potato Casserole.  Traditional.  Non Negotiable.   Last year we striped the different toppings - marshmallow and candied pecans.  This year, I'm thinking polka dots.  Or, maybe a design?  Oh.... I can post it on pinterest.  Wouldn't that be fun!?

4.  Cornbread Dressing.  Again - Traditional.  Non Negotiable.  Filled with celery and onion to the brim. 

5.  Sauteed Apples with Bacon.  I'm feeling Cracker Barrel as my muse here.  I believe fruit gets the short of end of the stick on Turkey Day.  Well, not at my table!   I'll serve the crispy bacon along side for my dear, vegetarian stepmonster.  (Her nickname for herself, not mine.  I find her decidedly non monstrous). 

6.   Mashed Potatoes.  We have usually done scalloped, a favorite of Paul and AB, but this year, we determined we wanted a better vessel for gravy. So, we're going mashed.  Garlicky and Buttery and Full of Half n Half. 

7.  Penne w/ Caramelized Onions, Vodka Sauce and Goat Cheese.   I always try to have a mac-and-cheese ish dish, and this is this year's version.  Having Vodka Sauce, I may be throwing off tradition all together and won't, in fact, get credit for obeying the pasta-dish-rule, however, I care not. 

8.  English Peas Au Gratin - Our green but bad for you dish for the year.

9.  Pear and Green Bean Salad w/ Sorghum Vinaigrette.  Assuming I can find Sorghum.  The recipe is in this year's Southern Living Thanksgiving Issue. 

10.  Braised Carrots.  They're just too pretty to leave out. 

The On-The-Table Condiments

11.  Liquored up Gravy.  We did bourbon last year.  I think we'll do white wine this year.  The bourbon was good, but it strayed from good ol' gravy a bit too far for my sake.  But I like the bite the alcohol gives it, despite being all boiled off. 

12.  Cranberry Apricot Sauce (Also see Southern Living Nov. 2012). 

13.  Our homemade hot/sweet pickles.   (Paul Forster- since  you're obviously reading this - we need to make pickles this Saturday....) 

14.  Spiced Peaches out of a Can.  I won't stop.  You cannot make me.  I think I'm the only one who eats them.  My grandmother taught me.  I cannot help it.  It's not my fault.  Hush! 

15.  Yeast Rolls.  Recipe courtesy of Via Fortier, an old friend who actually gets paid to cook things. 

16.  Foccacia.  What?  Say something. We like bread.  AB insisted. 

The Dessert Cart

17.  Chocolate Pie - Brought by Carrie, the aforementioned non-monstrous step mother.

18.  Buttermilk Chess Pie - a favorite around here.  It's in Square Table.  It's good.  Embrace it. 

19.  Rum Cake.  It's been years since I made my mother's Rum Cake.  Too Many Years. 

20.  Blackberry Crumble.  We don't need four desserts.  But, two things come to mind:  One, we're feasting, so who cares about need, and Two, I was at 19 items.  That wouldn't do. 

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