13 November 2012

Menu 11/11-11/17

I'm all off food schedule, because we were out of town last week for a few days. 

But, we are home, and so I have to just press on! 


We were on the road and ate tacobell/kentuckyfriedchicken for lunch.  No, we did not make multiple stops.  They were both in the same restaurant.  Who ever heard of such.  
We ate grilled cheeses for supper.  It's hard to beat a good, buttery grilled cheese.  And homemade spicy pickles.  Yes sir ree bob. 


For lunch, we cobbled together sandwiches and leftovers and packed for school/work.

For supper, I had thawed some chicken ramano sauce I had frozen and thought to throw it over pasta for an easy evening.  We ended up having an even easier one - some friends had us stop by for a quick afternoon visit and it turned into supper.  Coincidentally, they were having pasta with chicken, tomatoes, cheese and olives on top. 


For lunch, well, I haven't gotten that far yet.

For supper, my mama is coming to celebrate her birthday.  We're having Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup, salad, angel hair with scallion cream sauce, and sauteed italian shrimp.  Oh, and Amaretto Freezes for dessert.   All are some of her favorites.  Yay! 


For lunch, we'll cobble together leftovers from the feast from the night before. 

For supper, we'll be at church, having yumm-o dominos pizza. 


For lunch, I believe we'll be at the Renaissance Festival in Louisiana, but if that falls through, we'll figure something or other out.

For supper, Chili and Cornbread


For lunch, Chili Dogs
For supper, Bean Burritos


For lunch, Bean and Cheese nachos - from the bean burrito filling, of which there is always a bit too much, since I started doing my own beans instead of canned beans. 

For supper, Potato Soup of some kind.  Haven't gotten that far yet. 

Then, to Turkey Week!   


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