05 April 2012

Sons of Men and Angels Say!

This Sunday is Easter! 

Easter is a big deal around here;  then, again, what's not a big deal around here?  I feel like my job in life is to make sure all the things are big deals. 

Good Friday:  Hot Cross Buns and Prayers at the Church.  We remember in sobriety, grieving our sins, though not grieving his death, because after all, God has already redeemed the Cross.  It may seem difficult theologically - it is a nuance, but I don't think it's especially hard. 
There are two errors into which one can fall.  First, not remembering the crucifixion.  You cannot sing Christ the Lord is Risen Today on Easter if you haven't first remembered from what He rises.  You really cannot put everyone in their best outfits and cook the fatted lamb (more on that later....) if you don't remember the sacrifice of the Lamb of God.  It's so very American, and in all the bad ways, to ignore Good Friday and hunt eggs anyway. 
The other error is to obsess - to lament.  We must remember, but in fact, we are remembering the death of Christ in a context of a redeemed world.  He has died, but He has risen.  We are remembering His death, but we cannot and should not ever be as Mary wailing at the cross.  We can wail for our own sin that put Him on the cross, but we cannot wail for our dead Lord.  He is not dead.  He sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty.  Every day - even on Good Friday. 

So, we remember. 

Easter Vigil - or Holy Saturday- is a day of preparation.  The disciples would have been in a prayer vigil.  That's what you do, after all, after someone dies.  You keep a vigil.  You pray.  But, we don't have to do that.  We know what's coming the next day.  And of course, it's not actually coming again.  Nothing is any different about Good Friday or Easter Sunday than any other Friday or Sunday, metaphysically, ontologically, or in any other way.  Christ is just as risen today, tomorrow and Saturday as he will be on Sunday.  It is all about us - our ordination toward Christ and His life.  We are a dumb people - like asses and oxen and goats - and without being forced to remember, we'll (do what we've done and) skip everything but birth and resurrection.  So, we don't keep a vigil to pray for our departed Savior.  Instead, we prepare our hearts for the joy of the resurrection and of course our tables for the accompanying feast. 

And then the trumps sound and we're Eastering!  A day of feasting like no other.  Breaking bread and egg hunting.  Toasting with wine and champagne and wearing our beautiful clothes.  Lilies and tulips and the best of all hymnody. 

So, what of the menu for our feast? 

Well, we're sharing Easter with some dear friends.  They're in charge of meat and I'm in charge of everything else!  They're smoking a lamb (I'm nearly dying with the literary significance) and roasting a beef brisket.  I'm sure it will all be thrilling. 

So, what to round out the table? 

Shrimp and Pineapple wrapped in bacon for appetizer. 

Fresh Corn Casserole, a la Pioneer Woman, who doesn't generally get my culinary vote, but I don't see how this could be bad.  

Three Bean Salad, a favorite at our house, especially for special occasions.  Ada Brooks is in charge of this and will make tomorrow so it will be super yummy by Sunday.  Kidney Beans, Wax Beans, Green Beans, Celery, Onions and Bell Peppers swimming in a vinegary, peppery, sweet dressing.

Deviled Eggs, of course.  Don't know what the devil has to do with it, but they're so damn good, so maybe that's it?

Scalloped Potatoes, because I love my husband.

Scallion Cream Sauce and Bowtie noodles, because I love myself.

Roasted Asparagus, to make us feel better.   I'm so tempted to make it asparagus casserole.  So tempted.  Someone stop me. 

Sister Schuberts, because I'm cheating.  I'm sacrificing making my own bread.  I'd rather have strawberry pie and buy the rolls.  

Buttermilk Chocolate Cake - Easter without chocolate is apparently sacrilege. 

Strawberry Pie - again, because my heart lies in the hands of Paul William Forster.  If the man could eat scalloped potatoes, hamburgers and strawberry pies for the rest of his life, he'd be happy as a clam.  

Plentiful fresh whipped cream for both of them. 

We're going to hunt the fire out of some eggs. 

Now, back to sewing the new outfits and making a grocery list! 

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  1. What!? You're sewing outfits now? Woman, you need some rest! Love you & miss you AL!