26 April 2012

Weekly Menu 4.19.12

Weekly Menu 4.19.12

Thursday 4/19
Lunch -  Meeting Mama for a Bite
 Supper -  Roasted Chicken. Mashed Potatoes.  Green Beans. 

Friday 4/20
Lunch - I genuinely don't remember.  Cannot recall, no matter how hard I try. 

Supper - Griled Chicken Paninis.  We were supposed to have Red Beans and Rice, however, I spent Thursday night at the hospital with dear friends having their first, precious son, so I didn't get the prep work done.  And I needed a nap.  Luckily, I had plenty of chicken to grill and then all I needed was some comeback, some Sam's Club French bread, various sauteed toppings and cheeses and we had a gourmet sandwich evening. 

Saturday 4/21
Lunch - On the run -  Catfish Sandwiches (We were taken on a treat supper on Wednesday night to celebrate school victories and we have left over Catfish.  It wouldn't be yummy alone, but a bop in the broiler and some po'boy bread picked up at the store and we'll have lunch for kings and queens)

Supper - Taco Soup at friends'.  I'm making margaritas and white cheese dip to go with.

Sunday 4/22
Lunch -  Bad for Us Chicken Casserole to go to Church Lunch With,
Supper -Crawfish, Onions, Potatoes, Corn [All courtesy of one of our favorite folks who ended up with WAY too much Crawfish]

Monday 4/23
Lunch - Cooking Class with the Kids
Supper -Spicy Cheese and Onion Enchiladas.  I planned these to trigger labor in my sweet friend, but didn't need them.  However, they are one of my favorite dishes - modeled after the enchiladas at the Elite Restaurant, a Jackson staple [at which only the enchiladas are good]

Tuesday 4/24
Lunch - Leftover Cheese and Onion Enchiladas. 
Supper -Red Beans and Rice [Finally]

Wednesday 4/18
Lunch - Red Beans and Rice
Supper -  Prayer Meeting / Subway

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