03 May 2012

Food - Week of 5.3.12

Thursday 5/3
Lunch -  MeixiCAN with Mama
Supper -  Grilled Chicken Paninis -  Comeback, spinach, cheese, onions.  Giant Green Salad. 

Friday 5/4
Lunch -Grilled cheeses. 
Supper -  Paul and the kids are going camping;  I'm going to a girl's night.  I'm taking shrimp infused cream cheese and some sort of dipping item. 

 Saturday 5/5
Lunch - Crawfish!  Annual church crawfish boil.  I'm taking Honey Corn Chex Rice Krispie Treat things. 
Supper - We'll all be 'xhausted.  I imagine I'm going to give the kids something simple and perhaps Paul and I will have cereal?  Or taco bell?  Oh, Taco Bell has been a while. 

Sunday 5/6
Lunch -  Having Sunday Lunch here -  Good Ol' Fashioned Pot Roast, Mashed 'Taters and Green Beans.
Supper -Leftover Sandwich Smorgasbord. 

Monday 5/7
Lunch - Salads
Supper -  Lasagna

Tuesday 5/8
Lunch -  Lasagna
Supper - Book Club!  I'm taking some kind of dip.  My people at home are having sloppy joes.  They love sloppy joes. 

Wednesday 5/9
Lunch - Whatever we can drum off. 
Supper -  Church / Pulled Pork

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