09 May 2012

Menu 5.10.12 - Birthday Week!

Thursday 5/10
Lunch - Leftover Pulled Pork - mayhaps will turn into nachos. 
Supper -  Bean Burritos!  Yay!

Friday 5/11
Lunch -  Bean Burritos!  Yay!  ;) 
Supper - Walker's Drive in for me for my birthday.  Best Restaurant in Jackson.  Little Contest from a couple of places, but, all in all, on my birthday weekend, it's where I want to be.  Also, my mother in law is awesome and is babysitting on HER birthday while I go out for mine.
 My husband is a delight. I'm already salivating.  If they have soft shell crab in fresh, well, I can die happy on Saturday morning. 

 Saturday 5/12
Lunch - PB & Js?
Supper - Early supper, so that's why the little plan for lunch -    My father in law is an excellent cook and is bringing gumbo for mother's day for his wife and me.  I'm making a chocolate cake for her birthday (yes, in three days, we've both our birthday's and mothers day (for both of us...) Poor Paul.).  I think Paul is going to get some stuff to throw on the grill and we'll have a salad I'm sure.  

Sunday 5/13
Lunch - My Stepmother is cooking for us.  She prefers to be called my stepmonster, but since she's entirely not monstrous, this seems silly.  Carrie is a great cook.  I'm taking Pavlova.  Or Strawberry Short Cake.  The only commitment I've made so far is Louisiana Strawberries and Fresh Whipped Cream.

Supper - Paul in charge - it's mom's day and my birthday  - I ain't cooking. 

Monday 5/14
Lunch -Fridge clean out / PB & Js
Supper -  Chicken Tortilla Soup; Cheese Quesadillas

Tuesday 5/15
Lunch - Soup
Supper -Spaghetti and Meatballs.  Meatballs make my husband happy.  I cannot deny him in good conscience. 

Wednesday 5/16
Lunch - Spaghetti and Meat Balls
Supper -  Church / Pizza

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