27 September 2010

Some Things Never Change

Today, it is cool outside. Thank the Lord.

I actually exercised. I hate exercise.
Some Things Never Change.

I came home to kids swinging in the front yard, one in his underwear, Daddy passively watching, unaffected by immodest three year olds.
Some Things Never Change.

The children said, "It's freezing out here." This reminded me of them, in April, saying, "I'm burning up." I think these statements were said at the exact same temperatures.
Some Things Never Change.

I said, "Go get dressed, please."

Eason returned like this:

Date: September 27, 2010.

I thought to myself, "you are a funny child, but wait...not the first to have this 'mildly cooler than yesterday/dead of winter' confusion"

A strong feeling of deja vu washed over me.

Wait... Iphoto Library... Help Me.

I searched. I knew when I thought it probably occurred...

Around three years ago...

Good thing I 'organized' my photos into seasons...

[This is a good example of proper use of quotations to set something off as ironic - Next in On Grammar: Quotes are not coherently used to emphasize things... They are used to either quote people or set something off as ironic.... see I didn't really organize the photos...I just grouped them into three month spans and am relying on my memory to do the rest. Which is actually, shockingly, kind of working.]


I thought to myself, "Fall....when was the last Fall I had a three year old? Oh, Fall 2007.... Let's go there..."

And, for once this week, I'm validated as slightly competent and not crazy. =)

This is what I found:

Date: September 29, 2007.

God is Good.
Children are Funny.

Some Things Never Change.

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