04 September 2010


Friday: Out on a double date to Aladdin - the Mediterranean restaurant around the corner. So good. Shrimp Plate. Only thing I ever get. I will not branch out! I won't! It's too good! You cannot make me!

Saturday: Our dear friend Rachel is bopping home from her big city job in New York to visit for the weekend. Consequently, we're having a feast. If I tell you, you'll just be jealous... but it involves shrimp, soup, pasta, steak, fruit, salad, cheese, cream, merengue. I'm going to be in the kitchen all day without kids, so I'm hoping to take pictures and do a blog post entitled The Dinner Party.

[What percentage of the blog posts that I say I'm going to do do I actually do? 12%? That's generous, I know.]

Sunday: Leftovers for lunch; (Hopefully) dove for supper - Paul is dove hunting today - who'd a thunk? Anyway, a few folks are going to come, bring their doves, and we'll put them on the grill with various sides - corn, salad, taters, etc.

Monday: Labor Day! Lunch with my mom; Supper at Daddy's cabin - I'm going to make ribs! Yay!

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes, per Ada Brooks's request. It's the kids' favorite and Paul and I kind of like it too.

Wednesday: Church!

Thursday: Red Beans and Rice!

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