13 September 2010


So, half of this we've already eaten, but kiss my tail.

Friday: I went to Basil's in Belhaven for my dearest friend's birthday celebration; I ordered, of all things, a meatball panini. I was clearly channeling my dearest darling husband, who was off at a friend's lake house with the kids. Who knows what they were eating... but the sweet friends were feeding them, so that's all that matters. Meatballs, especially on sandwiches, are his fave. They are not my fave, but the fresh basil and the fresh mozzarella just got me in the end, so yes, I had a meatball panini. No judgment. It ain't Christian.

Saturday: Red Beans and Rice with andouille. We were supposed to have this on Thursday night, but it was a GWSTB night.... This is an example of putting your least fresh ingredients items at the end of the week, so if you need to roll them over, then you can. So, red beans, rice and andouille do not go bad in a week. In fact, red beans and the rice might last a few years. The andouille, well....

Sunday: Second Sunday Lunch: I made a Pork Loin, a big pan of super yummy (if I do say so myself) garlic mashed taters, and Footprint cake...

Sunday Supper: Grilled chicken (Joy of Cooking Becker Chicken Marinade - do it - you won't be sorry you did), Fettucine Alfredo, Tomato Tart and a lovely Caesar Salad provided by sweet friend.

Monday: We're having my mother's recipe for Taco Salad - it is vegetarian and involves nacho cheese doritos. I heart it.

Tuesday: My mother is hosting us for supper and I hear we're having spaghetti. I'm going to contribute a pear tart to the meal. For which I haven't yet formulated a recipe, but darnit, that's what we're having for dessert. I'm on a pear kick, which is obvious.

Wednesday: Church - for which its my week to make the bbq pork.

Thursday: Spicy Tomato soup, big salad, yummy homemade bread paninis.

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  1. We had that chicken marinade on the grill Saturday night...it was delicious. Leftovers for lunch - yay!