25 September 2010


Friday - Some dear friends called us last week and asked if they could take us to dinner. Isn't that sweet? We went to Amerigo - for which I have much nostalgia - and I had yummy goat cheese penne with roasted tomatoes and bell peppers with grilled shrimp. Paul had spaghetti and a jumbo meat ball - why? Because if he's at an italian eating establishment, that's what he gets. Always.

Saturday: I know I've been dinner partying it a lot lately. I try to have one dinner party a month - and this month I had my friend Rache in from out of town, so I had an extra. I may take off October. Or maybe not - I love a good dinner party.

Here's a tip - you do the food, delegate the wine - it makes your cost plummet and your guests get to contribute, which they really want to do, I promise.
So, tonight we're having, in order: Roasted Herbed Shrimp, Crunchy Romaine Salad, Charleston She-Crab Soup, Lemon Rosemary Sorbet, Blue Cheese Crusted Filets with Port Reduction Sauce, Smashed Taters, Glazed Carrots (If I have time - a plate with just taters and meat seems a bit colorless), Creme Brulee.

It seems like a lot of food, but each portion will be tiny, which makes all people happy, trust me. And yes, I have shopped sales and was actually gifted some crabmeat, so although it looks like it's expensive, it's really not. And I'm only doing it for six of us. And I'm pumped. =)

And I get to use a torch. Always a plus.

Some people play golf, some paint, and some sew; I cook.

Sunday Supper: Chicken Enchiladas - my mother's old recipe, because it's the best I've found.
Monday Supper: Veggie Quiche, Sauteed Cabbage.
Tuesday Supper: Tomato Tart, Cole Slaw - my mother's requests that I bring to her house.
Wednesday Supper: Church.
Thursday: Chicken Romano - our favorite red sauce pasta dish.

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