03 May 2011

ze menu: 5/2/11 - 5/8/11

Monday, 5/2:   
Lunch -  Peanut Butter and Honey.  Peanut butter and honey is a magnificent thing.
Supper - Red Beans and Rice, Biscuit Bread  (I'm trying to get over my seasonal issue with Red Beans and Rice....Who ever said you couldn't eat it when it's hot?  My father in law, apparently, ate it every Monday evening for 20 some odd years.  And my grandmother-in-law more like 50 some odd years.  It's great stuff.

Tuesday, 5/3
Lunch - Peanut Butter for the kids, Red Beans for me, their choice.
Supper - To Ma's for Spaghetti.  I made a double batch of spaghetti sauce in December and froze half of it.  It needed to be used.  So we thawed it, made some noodles, and served it up.  Sauce is  a great thing to freeze for later!  I am thankful for my freezer.

Wednesday, 5/4:
Lunch - Eater's choice of Spaghetti, Red Beans, Peanut Butter, Other leftovers scrummagable
Supper - Pizza at Church

Thursday 5/5:  
Lunch - Same as Wednesday....
Supper - Well, some darling ladies from church are taking me to supper for my birthday.  I'm fairly thrilled about it.  Since that's happening, well, I may have purchased frozen pizzas.  If I get to have my dream supper, why shouldn't the other four Forsters?

Friday 5/6:  
Lunch - I feel I'm getting repetitive.
Supper - Well, I'm pretty much darn pumped about this.  We're heading to Pepsi Pops.  It's the Mississippi Symphony's spring outdoor concert.  The 30th anniversary of the event, in fact.  I remember, vividly, attending this as a very young child.  It's on the Ross Barnett Reservoir, a big ol' lake, named after a big ol' racist governor of Mississippi.  Despite its namesake, it provides amazing sunsets.  Anyway, we're a goin'.  It always provides a great opportunity for what I've dubbed....

dum dum dum duuuuummmmm

The Fancy Picnic.  It requires a separate post.  Someone beat me if I haven't posted it by Thursday... =)

Saturday 5/7: 
Lunch  - I'm so excited to be facilitating a Latin Workshop for Homeschool Moms.  I'll be teaching Latin next year at Jackson Classical, and parents of the oldest kids I'll be teaching are attending a workshop so we can all brainstorm about the best ways to teach Latin grammar.  Which is hard stuff.  We're having lunch - a fancy salad bar.  My job is Chicken Salad and Pasta Salad. 

Supper - We're heading to game night at some of our favorite friends' abode.  It's a snack food type supper, and I'm thinking, between Fancy Picnic Friday and Salad Bar Lunch on Saturday, I'll have enough leftovers to choke three mooses meese moose. I'm not in charge of supper, but I'm taking all of my leftovers to contribute! 

Sunday 5/8:

Lunch - Mother's Day Lunch down south with Paul's Mama.  Her birthday is also May 11th, so we'll be doing dual celebrating!  I'm going to make her a cake - I haven't decided yet what kind - as well as marinate some chicken to throw on her grill and make some tater salad.

Supper - It's Mother's Day, for crying out loud, so I'm hoping not to cook....

I am thankful for food, for ingredients, for friends who hold me to high food standards, and most of all for fellow travelers on the road to share food with!  What's the point of eating if you aren't eating with someone?  (Unless it's cheese dip, and then, well, serve it up, honey, I'll eat it any which way).

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