03 May 2011

Eason, the pot, Collins, the kettle

My family has a few sayings that we throw around willynilly and, frankly, expect the whole world to understand.

Which is ridiculous.

Or maybe we don't expect them to understand - we just don't care if they do or not.

Which would be unkind.

Either way, we say things that sometimes are ridiculous.

Many of these sayings are abbreviations of saying that other people do understand.

My dad says, "Glass house, glass house" And what he means by that is, "People who find themselves in glass houses should not throw stones." (They shouldn't by the way, unless they are like me and feel trapped and want the house broken down so they can get out...)


Eason, just a little while ago, came running to me, and said,

"Mama - I need your help. I want to play alone, and Collins won't let me."

Oh, really? You do? Huh.... That's interesting....

If we replace the second subject in that compound sentence guess what we have?

"Mama - I need your help. I want to play alone, and Eason won't let me."

Huh... Fascinating....



Sometimes, when my children criticize something in others that they themselves have in spades, I just say "pot kettle"

Today, I actually took a moment to help Eason see how his life as the little brother could inform the way he lives his life as a big brother. He could be more patient with Collins, because he wishes Ada would be more patient. He could make a positive effort to include his brother when Collins is feeling left out. He could talk to him in a kind tone. He could wait for him, help him, love him.
And on the other side of things, he could respect Ada's wishes to be alone, especially if she ask's nicely. He could be not quite so annoying. He could not follow her around. He could not make messes and rely on her to clean them up.

So much to learn! Walk a mile, man, walk a mile.

Eason actually seemed to hear me. He's been playing very dotingly with Collins since our talk 40 minutes ago. Don't laugh. 40 minutes is a long internalization of a lesson around here.

Perhaps I should take moments to teach more often.


Wonder if I can figure out a way for eldest-miss-impatient-pants to be a little sister for a day....

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  1. Hi Ann Lowrey! I found your blog through Catherine Sledge's and I love it already! I'm already enjoying reading your adventures (and your writing).

    You probably don't remember me, but I went to Prep,(I think you were two grades ahead of me?). Anyway, my husband and I have a little girl and a little boy and it's fun to read your blog and get a taste of what lies ahead!