11 May 2011

Menu 5/9/11 - 5/15/11

Monday:  I had tons of roasted-chicken salad leftover from the Latin Workshop / Lunch on Saturday, so, rather than make what I had planned (fish tacos!) I made pretty great grilled chicken salad sandwiches, served it with leftover potato salad and a simple green salad.  I'd be all self-deprecating about the sandwiches, but, well, I was shocked by their tastiness. 

I have a very strong yet simple philosophy about sandwiches.  Grill it or go home.  Unless you're an open-faced tomato or a cucumber sandwich, you better be warm.  On Monday, I took some store-bought large yeast rolls (also from Latin Workshop), sliced them in half, and added:

A thin layer of Dijon mustard on each side
Shaved red onion (I love shaved red onion like the Pope loves his hats)
Thick Sliced Tomato
A Few Pieces of Mixed Greens
A Slice of Munster Cheese
A generous blob of chicken salad

I then lined them up on the Panini maker, turned it on, and voila!  Good Stuff. 

Tuesday:  My dear, sweet friend Jessie fed my husband and children while I was watching my little brother's graduation.  After graduation, my Mama took me out for birthday supper at Walker's Drive-In, which, even though I live in a city with a blessedly good food scene (for its size and general keeping-up-with-culture), continues to be my definite favorite restaurant. 

And every year, at the time of my birthday, it is soft shell crab season. 
And Walkers (Chef Derek Emerson) does most things well.  But it does soft shell crab better than anyone in America.  I am prone to hyperbole, but I think this is perfectly legitimate.  Better than anyone in America. So, I had two perfectly flash fried crabs, garlic mashed taters, thin beans, and awesome lemon butter sauce.  And a Walker's house salad, my favorite salad ever (I know that's not hyperbolic, see, because it's just my opinion, and I'll promise its my favorite ever).  And then for dessert, peanutbutter banana cake AND a giant brownie and ice cream.  And a perfect gin martini.  And an awesome glass of Malbec. 

So, yes, awesomeness. 

Wednesday:  BBQ pulled pork at church, along with great mac & cheese, salad, baked beans

Thursday:  Either Shrimp Pasta or Fish Tacos, depending on my mood/my day/which ingredients need to be used first. 

Friday:  My darling husband is taking me out for our anniversary (Three weeks late, but we don't care!)  The restaurant we're trying, Table 100, opened on our anniversary, so that counts for something, right? 

Saturday:  My darling husband, on a roll he is, has arranged with a couple of my dear girlfriends, a very small birthday dinner for me.  Cannot wait to see the menu they've planned! 

Sunday:  That afternoon, I'm privileged to help host a baby shower for my friend and former colleague, Amy.  She's having a baby girl, Elizabeth Ann, this summer, and we're going to shower her with pink, pink, pink. 

That night, we have our last book study meeting at our house that night.  We're going to have grilled chicken fingers w/ comeback, open faced tomato sandwiches, hot onion souffle, and whatever others bring to contribute! 

Whew - that should hold us! 

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