17 May 2011

in the words of dave matthews.... (who should credit the prophet Isaiah and King Solomon)

At the end of our summer here in Mississippi last year, well, our entirely red state was enticed into possibly believing in global warming.

It mightn't have been the hottest summer on record (thought it weren't far), but it was the longest one in my lifetime.  It dragged on and on and on clear through to November.  And then one day, it was Winter.

Yes, ladies and gents, we skipped Fall last year.  And Fall is the best time to be a Mississippian.

Except not in 2011.  No, sir ree.  The best time to be a Mississippian is, well, today.  Spring 2011 is a record.  Of a different sorts.  We've had the longest spring in my life time.  A full three months.  It's been Park Weather since the middle of February.

And today could very well be the end.

The forecast for Jackson states:

Entirely Sunny.
Highs in the mid-70s.

It's like May in Chicago, but we didn't have to drive eleven hours.  It's like Southern California, but we don't have to be crazy.  It's like Virginia, but we get to still have real sweet tea.  

Yes, sir.  God loves Mississippi right now.  (Except that whole river thing).

Get out of your house, people.

I don't care if you have to take work with you.  Go.  Read a book, edit a brief, fold clothes, make a grocery list, draft a sermon - Whatever is on your to do list -or heavens - go make your to do list! - just do it in the sunshine.  Let your little ones play.  Find a slide or a swing.  You're welcome to the one in my front yard.  But whatever you do, don't stay in.

This is it.  The last hoorah!  Tomorrow, clouds, and then comes heat.

This is perfection.  Savor it like the last drop in a bottle of perfect Cabernet.  Hold on to the perfect moment like its Christmas Eve.  Refuse to let it go like a lingering kiss before a long trip.
Stare a little longer at today like it's your last baby threatening to grow up.

Eat, Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we......swelter.

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