03 February 2011

Food 2/3/11 until 2/09/11

Thursday: I didn't make chicken romano like I was supposed to on Tuesday, because Mama and I were both tired, and Paul was out of pocket, so she took us to get Mexican food. So I'm making it tonight. And taking half of it to the new, sweet baby across the street. Though I assume that the new sweet baby won't eat much of the actual pasta.

Friday: Our Friday evening involves quite a complicated supper plan. Mish mash for the kids - which means whatever I can come up with either from leftovers or from random ingredients in the fridge - this results in what you would imagine: noodles with butter and parmesan/grilled sandwiches/random veggies to dip in ranch/you get the picture. Paul and I are having giant green salads for supper. Why? Because after supper, he's going for guy night at which the plan is to consume enough calories in nice, craftsman-type beer to fill him up for the next three days. And I have some delightful ladies coming here for ice-cream sundaes. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Saturday: Beef Pot Roast/Mashed Taters/Salad.

Sunday: Lunch - Lasagna/Caesar/Garlic Bread
Supper - Super Bowl Snacks at my father's and stepmother's house. My contributions: Guacamole, Cream-Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos, Kahlua Brownies. Paul and I have never been so relieved as the night we discovered that Carrie, the woman my dad was only then planning to marry is a beyond decent cook. We had already determined that she loves my father, is fairly sane, is very bright, and has a good sense of humor. She had 4 of the 5 requirements to be okay in our heads. And then she served us some of the best pasta I've ever had.

Also, she prefers step-monster to stepmother, which makes her all the greater.

Monday: Shrimp and Potato Porridge, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Tuesday: Mish Mash for us all - Paul working until 930 pm. It's really hard for me to get excited about preparing a big meal when he's gone. If he were gone all the time, I'd have to get over it. But when he's gone about once-a-week, that becomes my leftover night. And if I'm desperate, my 'bring me some taco bell on your way home, please' night.

That's what we're eating. So there.

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