17 February 2011

Food 2/17/11 until 2/23/11

Lunch: I'm strongly considering Sam's Club Pizza. I'm just sayin'. Because, if not that, then I'm going to have to make a grocery store run just to enable peanut butter sandwiches, so why not eat while we're doing the grocery shopping.... =)
Supper: Eason has the St. Luke's Circus tonight (more on that later), so we're eating separately from the kids. I'm thinking of doing something fun for them like Pizza Sandwiches, and then for supper for us - pot roast. Trying a new recipe - it has brown sugar and horseradish and some other yummy stuff. I picked it because we'll be gone from 6-715 and it can be in the oven during that time, without me worrying it will get too done.

Lunch: Pot Roast Sandwiches
Supper: Grilled Blue Cheese Pork Chops, Mashed Sweet Taters, Big Green Salad

Lunch: Leftover smorgasbord
Supper: Black Bean Soup, Veggie Taco Salad, Mojitos, Other assorted Snacks and Drinks brought by friends for Game Night!

Lunch: Haven't gotten that far yet
Supper: Filets on the grill, twiced baked taters, port reduction sauce, big green salad. I think I've spoken before about the beauty of 'bring your own meat' night - You obviously can only do this with folks you love and who love you - because it wouldn't be proper to invite people to your home and ask them to bring their own entree - if you aren't close. But, say you are close to the people, it makes it super easy to have a really yummy meal without breaking the bank, and you get to share it with people still. There is just something depressing about steak without friends.
You know, unless you're out on an awesome date at Shapleys. And then it is not depressing at all.

Lunch: We'll figure it out. Hopefully, there will be leftovers of some kind, and if there aren't, we can thank George Washington Carver for the solution.
Supper: Bean Burritos. I didn't make them this week when I was supposed to - monster migraine, which was resulted in my husband bringing me bean burritos - but the taco bell variety - so, i still have the stuff, and monday nights just seem to be good for bean burritos.

Lunch: Clearly, leftover BB
Supper: Sketti. Plain ol', jane ol' sketti. Paul will love me more than he already does.

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