12 February 2011

food 2/10/11 until 2/16/11

We are eating. I promise. We usually do.

Lunch: I have no idea what I, or anybody for that matter, ate for lunch on Wednesday....
Supper: Pulled Pork - supposed to be at church, but you know, when it snows .125 inches in Mississippi, we cannot, so we ate our pulled pork at home.

Lunch: My darling mother took me and the kids to get mexican. She is pretty cool. Paul ate something...hmmm.... =)
Supper: I cooked. I swear I did. No, wait, I didn't. I went out for a girls night at one of my favorite Italian places - Fratesi's - it was delicious-o, and such good visiting time.

Lunch: Sandwiches- various kinds - all around.
Supper: Burgers on the grill, homemade onion rings and french fries, asparagus, ice cream.

Lunch: Leftover scrummaging in the fridge. There is actually plenty there for the taking.
Supper: The kids have a birthday party, but the grownups are having supper - a pasta recipe from my stepmother - Penne, Shrimp, Cream, a whole ton of roasted garlic - and then spinach salad, garlic bread, Pavlova for dessert. I heart heart heart pavlova.

Lunch: Church potluck. To which I'm bringing cheesy beef enchiladas, roasted broccoli, and a mulitcolored jello tower.... or rather Ada is bringing the multicolored jello tower.
Supper: Book Study, snack food.

Lunch: Hot Dog Sandwiches. A Brooks Eason Original Creation, as far as I know. I don't really like them, but the rest of the family thinks they've died and gone to heaven. I'll have a grilled cheese, thank you.
Supper: It's Valentine's Day! We're getting out of the house without kiddos, but we really don't like to be out with the masses, so we're going to my ma's house for Valentine Supper. I have no idea what we're having - I'm taking Twice Baked Potatoes and Pavlova. yes, two servings of Pavlova. But I really do heart it. A lot. And so does Mama. And I can double the recipe today for the meringue part of it - it'll keep in an air tight container for three or four days. And then do the rest on Monday.

Lunch: PB&H
Supper: Bean Burritos. What? It's been two weeks...

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