17 January 2011

Food 1/18/11 - 1/24/11

Lunch: Leftovers - Shrimp Pasta, Pot Roast, Whatever you can find, people.
Supper: Smorgasbord of things I didn't make last week (Pulled Pork Nachos - we ended up eating leftovers) and some Chicken Enchiladas a dear friend is bringing.

Lunch: Sandwiches
Supper: To Mama's for Pork Tenderloin and Sweet Potatoes. I am contributing biscuit bread and poached pears.

Lunch: Biscuit Bread Paninis - you ain't ever had anything so good.
Supper: Pizza at Church

Lunch: McDonalds. Yep. I'm meeting my mother in law in Magee to hand off the children to her, and we're lunching at Mackeedees. If you think this is uncharacteristic of me, you should me my mother in law.
Supper: Shrimp and Potato Soup and Burgers on the Grill; I'm also hoping to do sweet potato fries -depends on my level of energy.

Lunch: Whatever looks yummy when we land in Washington, D.C., our nations capitol, at 1 pm!
Supper: Late-ish reservations at this restaurant, by recommendation of a good friend.

Lunch: I don't know- we'll surprise ourselves!
Supper: Rubber Chicken Banquet for Paul to receive his 'Transportation Engineering Student of the Year" award. We'll probably starve ourselves there and get junk food back in the hotel.

Lunch: I'm positive we'll be meeting friends for lunch/brunch somewhere after Church.
Supper: I'm thinking we'll again go out for supper.

Next week, I'll be sure to write about all the yummy DC food we get to eat. My friend Rachel says DC isn't really a "food city" - but it's still a city, right, so maybe it will at least be something exciting. It doesn't really matter, though, because we are going, mostly on someone esle's dime, to eat food and sleep late for four days.

Four days, I tell you.

No children. No curfew. No dogs. No cats. No Bluefred.

Two nights in a great hotel, two nights with friends.

Counting breakfasts, we'll be gone for 13 meals. 13 meals of no dishes. Well, I'm hoping to cook for my friends one of the nights we stay with them. So some dishes. But just a few. So exciting! So thrilling!

By the time we get back, we'll be big-time missing our little people, but until then...
=) =)
=) =) =)

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  1. Hey Ann Lowrey! So I am a total stalker and I love reading your blog! I just got back from DC yesterday afternoon, and we ate dinner at a place in Chinatown called Matchbox--so good! And affordable. Taylor and I also went to that same restaurant last September when we were up there. They are known for their pizzas and great beer selection, but they also have amazing salads, desserts, and other entrees that look delicious. Their website is http://www.matchboxchinatown.com/ if you want to check out the menu. I sound like an advertisement! :) It's just really good. Y'all have a great time up there!