10 January 2011

Food 1/10/11 through 1/17/11

Lunch - Turkey sandwiches for the kids; leftover chicken casserole for the grownups.
Supper - Bean Burritos. It's been too long, my friends. Maybe six weeks. We've never gone this long before, and it's starting to feel like we live in someone else's kitchen.

Lunch - We'll fight over left over bean burritos, but there should be enough to go around.
Supper - Taking Chicken Pot Pie to Mama's house for supper. I love chicken pot pie.

Lunch - Chicken Pot Pie
Supper - BBQ pork sandwiches at church.

Lunch - Chicken Noodle Soup - the good stuff
Supper - Big green salad with pulled pork nachos. Anyone remember those at Ole Miss Football games? Worth every cent of the 12 dollars or some other ridiculous price tag.

Lunch - Refrigerator Raid. There's always bread and cheese if there's nothing in there for us.
Supper - To a best friend's birthday dinner.

Lunch - Sam's Club Pizza? Or if there's stuff left to be eaten in the fridge, that.
Supper - Having some dear folks here for grown up supper. I'm going to do Shrimp Pasta in Cream Sauce. And some Roasted Pepper Soup. And I'm hoping to find some good asparagus to roast. And you know, salad and bread, blah blah blah.

Lunch - Beef Pot Roast, Roasted Broccoli, Mashed Taters, Cookies of some sort - church potluck
Supper - Leftovers/Finger food - we're in a book study that meets every other sunday evening, and there will be finger food there. We'll fill up on leftovers if we need to when we get home.

What are you eating these days? What should I add to the menu over the next couple of months?


  1. This week:
    Monday - butternut squash, garbanzo bean, lentil, carrot curry soup w/barley, cilantro & jalapeno garnish
    Tuesday - baked salmon (w/ginger-orange glaze), sauteed kale, brown rice
    Wednesday - Chicken verde enchilada
    Thursday - Chicken & veggie Thai curry
    Friday - turkey shepherd's pie
    Saturday - grown up dinner (yay!), frozen pizza for the kids

  2. butternut squash flatbread! or what is sometimes garbage pail flatbread (all leftover vegetables that threaten to turn get a thin slicing and stack on top of frozen (thawed) pizza dough). my most favorite rendition of this, as of late, has been from bottom to top: pizza dough, mixture of balsamic, olive oil, and truffle oil drizzled haphazardly, red onions, pine nuts or sunflower seeds, finely chopped kalamata olives. verrrry thinly sliced butternut squash, shredded white cheddar (or whatever cheese you have around. bake at 400 until crust is almost golden, pull out and add spinach leaves tossed in olive oil. pop back in for 5ish minutes and prepare to field compliments.
    i almost never use proper recipes, so most that you get from me will be in this stream of conscious style :)
    forgive grammar, i am using these five minutes to dally in my studio instead of to begin a new painting!