02 October 2010


Friday: Beef and Shrimp kebobs, grilled veggies, mashed taters, grilled garlic bread. 'Cause it's fall and that is the time for grilling.

Saturday: I think we're having cream of carrot soup and paninis, but maybe i'll just sit here and we'll end up getting taco bell...

Sunday: Lasagna for lunch. A friend is bringing us chili for supper - i'm doing an arugula, fennel, and apple salad that I've been wanting to try. Paul says fruit doesn't belong in a salad, but sometimes I don't exactly mind him. And I'm also doing some guacamole.

Monday: Burgers on the Grill, Baked Beans, Mac and Cheese. 'Cause it's fall, and that is the time for grilling.

Tuesday: Bean Burritos - yes mam! Collins is pumped. No, really.

Wednesday: Dominos Pizza at Church

Thursday: Red Beans and Rice! 'Cause it's fall time! And they're cheap!

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