16 October 2010

Food 10/15 through 10/21

Friday: October Dinner Party for 8 night. We had:
1: Shrimp Cocktail (so retro. almost kitsch.)
2: Asparagus Soup with Herbed Goat Cheese (which Paul cannot hush about this morning. bragging husbands are awesome.)
3:A yummy salad, the recipe for which I'll post soon, because I really liked it (Paul did not brag about this. Must have been the Craisins, Pears, Apples...), Twice Baked Red Potatoes, Glazed Carrots
4: Orange Tequila Mint Sorbet
5: Beef Wellington. Google it. (Or I can just tell you. Filet of beef seared, then wrapped in puff pastry with a Mushroom Duxelles and baked, served with Bearnaise sauce, which takes forever to make from scratch, but is so worth it - really)
6: Caramel Apple Cheesecake. (The recipe for which I made up on the fly on Wednesday afternoon - making me feel like a real cook).

Some friends brought beer. Others brought wine. We all feasted on God's bounty.

Saturday: We are kidless. We are going out. Even if it's to Taco Bell to save money. I don't care. I'm not eating in my house tonight.

Sunday: I was going to make shrimp pasta, but I learned how to make Beef Wellington at Viking Cooking School, so I thought I might continue the Viking trend and have Shrimp and Asparagus Crepes, which I also learned there. Especially since a sweet friend brought me some non-homogenized, fresh milk from Alabama last week, and I'm kind of dying to see if it makes a difference in a white sauce... (nerdy cook alert).

Monday: Black Bean Soup and Cuban Sandwiches (We were supposed to have Black Bean Soup this past Thursday, but I was a bit under the weather, and my blessed mother called and said she'd spring for Pizza if we'd pick it up and come see her. And when your mother says that, and you have three small children, guess what? you DO IT. So now, since ingredients for BBSoup are all nonperishable, we're having it for supper on Monday. And I have, for the first time in the short history of roasting pork for Church suppers, some left over pork, so I'm making Cubans to go with the soup)

Tuesday: Standard Spaghetti - it's been too long.

Wednesday: Supper at Church

Thursday: Chili and Hot Dogs. Yes, one may feel free to make this into a chili dog. But... I love hot dogs on the grill. (and only on the grill...) And I love chili. But sometimes, I just like to keep them separate.

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  1. Simon's favorite food is spaghetti, so we have it at least once a week!