14 October 2010


The annual Forster/Eason family fair trip gives me lots about which to write.

I could write about the annual picture of me at the top of the hill with the kids. I have all these perfect childhood memories of picking up my father at the Trustmark building on Amite street (we'd have to bring him fair clothes - because he forgot them every year), and then making the block, parking as close to this hill as we could, and walking down into paradise.

I could write about how husbands should tell their wives when to push up our glasses.

I could write about how my daughter sneaked in quarters for the petting zoo animal feed dispenser, and when asked about it, she said, ""Well, every year you say you don't have any quarters, so I brought some- just in case"

I could write about all the, quite literally, perfect moments watching the children ride.
I could write about how brave my baby was when the bizarre foreign cow tried to eat his foot.

I could write about how this is what my mom and Collins and I did much of the night - took the opportunity to visit.

I could write about how these two men in my life look alarmingly alike - both now and in baby pictures - but have very, very different personalities.

I could write about all of the scary, safety issues you spot at the fair.

I could write about how this three year old now reminds of me of

this three year old
just three short years ago.

I could write about how the 20 minutes of rain drove away the crowds, making our fair trip amazingly cool and low on people, but also making the big yellow slide unrideable, forcing a return weekday trip to the fair, because, well, I don't not ride the big yellow slide.I could write about the fact that when this is one of the least disconcerting things you see, you know you're at the Mississippi State Fair.

But instead, I'll leave you with something to ponder. Study this picture.

Yes, a Donut Burger made out of Doughnuts makes no sense.
And the fact that they named the snake lady "Serpentina" is so ridiculous it's difficult for me to handle.

And yes, the idea of a two headed baby is quite disturbing.
And the fact that they gave each head a name of a former King of England is funny.

But the real question the fair poses this year.

The one that may have had me staring at my ceiling last night, despite a particularly strong, hot cup of Celestial Seasonings' Sleepytime Extra.

What is, exactly, a Two Headed Baby FASCIMILE?!

The Fair:

It is gorgeous.
It is perfect.
It is nostalgia inducing.
It brings together families.
It puts smiles on the faces of friends.
It makes you fat and happy.

But most of all...

It makes you wonder.


  1. Great post, Ann Lowrey!! i LOVE the fair! Your kiddos are darling.

  2. Your fair pictures are beautiful! I just posted a bunch of ours on my blog today. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of Simon with the roasted corn. Next year!