09 August 2009

morbid? or a healthy view of injury?

about a week ago, ada brooks was sitting up on her kneesin her top bunk (was supposed to be sleeping). She leaned forward and tried to grab the (not on) fan blades to turn them (something she's been expressly forbidden to do).
And she fell.

Mercifully, she hit Eason's bed on the way down (its at a 90 degree angle to hers).

But she didn't hit the mattress part first - she hit the wooden frame. With her hip.

These are the consequences of misbehavior... (I can say that now that she's really okay) I do enjoy when the natural consequences of an action punish a child so I don't have to - it seems so much easier that way. And the world is backing me up, if you will. I feel vindicated. Not that I need vindication to make rules like "don't try to grab the fan" - or any rules for that matter - but its nice.

So she has a massive, lovely bruise on her hip.

She just walked in the den while dressing for church. (I'm in my three hours a day nursing at the computer position).

"Hey mama - wonder what color it will turn into next?" Pure fascination. A little too gleeful, but I kind of love it. Mainly because its something by which I would be fascinated.

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