14 August 2009

First week of homeschoolingended yesterday at 1045 am.

Some quotes: "I don't care what the book says, thats not how you make an A" - bee

"I don't care what the book says - that's not how you make a k" - me

"Why do I have to write my name on everything? First of all, I know how to write my name and second of all, won't you know these are my worksheets?" - bee

"i do school. where are my worksheets?" - eason

"quit teaching me things i already know" - bee

"where did she learn to be a smart ass?" - paul
"oh, i don't know... her two smartass parents" - me
"dammit" - paul

Things I like:
looking at my kids in cute wooden desks
grading worksheets....
being admired for the vast amount of knowledge i possess
knowing i'm doing whats best for my child
getting to laugh at all three of the kiddos

things i'm not so keen on:
juggling nursing and schooling
not knowing how much to push an already lazy yet overachieving child
seeing my own education-related flaws staring right back at me (especially the idea that since something is less than gripping is not worth any attention)

more on everything later.
how much do you love the school graphic above? much

on a sadder note, our dear friend Kelly Pates, who played all the music at mine and paul's wedding reception, died this week. he was only 55 and had a massive heart attack. it is so sad and so terrifying for someone to die so young - in his prime, really - still playing about four nights a week at private parties or various jackson establishments.

he will be missed, and for now, he has me carpe-ing diem.


  1. I always thought I would want to homeschool my kids, but had pushed it from my mind. You're really making me reconsider.

    How is nursing going this time around?

  2. nursing is great!

    we hope not to have to homeschool past early primary school- 2nd or 3rd grade - but i think its really a great option early on - and certainly a fine option later -

  3. Your kiddies are lucky to have a teacher like you.

  4. thanks amanda! i hope they feel the same way in may. =)