24 August 2009

and the heavens sing hallelujah

if you live in the jackson area and have not been outside this morning, stop, and move that way.
I tried to get Paul to sleep on the trampoline with me last night, but apparently 56 degrees, if heavenly, is not cold enough to kill mosquitoes. So, I would have been chanting the Eason chant: NoNoSquitoes.

October came early. Which is better than an early christmas or even an early happy hour.

It will leave again, I'm confident, but for now, the desks have been moved to the deck and we are schooling outside.

Collins was baptized yesterday. He was in a bad mood all day - and I wondered if maybe he was resenting us choosing this sacrament for him. But I'm pretty sure it was the hat and the dress and the too much attention.

I love a good baptism. I also love my children all dressed up looking innocent. They are so not innocent, but they are, in a way, and I love for them to look it on occasion.
(EVERYTIME I type the word 'occasion' I have to type it once with two 's'es and then sound it out - and it sounds like a french word - or some other perversion - and i back space and delete an s and move on - wonder if when i'm 30 i'll be able to get it right on the first try. I'll add that to my goals by thirty list...)

My life is full of long parentheticals. so full.

The children have started school without me. am i completely dispensable?

Paul started school this morning. I packed his lunch, kissed his forehead. okay, not his forehead. and sent him on is way. and noted all the irony. In some number of years, I'm sure, I'll be the one going off to school and he'll kiss me. hopefully not on the forehead.

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