31 August 2009


1 - I really like to blog - it's therapeutic. But the vast majority of the time I can sit at the computer, I only have one hand free (that whole infant thing gets in the way). And i just don't have the patience to type much one handed. A facebook status, yes. An entire blog post, not so much.

2 - My darling friend Calen says that when you change topics, you can just change paragraphs, but I'm fond of numbers. So, I'll go on in the face of non-necessity.

3 - Eason looked up at the sky last night and said "Look Mama, its a jelly bean moon" Immediately after, he blatantly disobeyed me. It is really hard to discipline a child right after he says something like that. But, alas, it must be done. We don't want him to grow up to be a poet who walks into the street without looking both ways.

4 - Paul and I went to see a performance of Elijah by Mendelssohn last night at First Pres Jackson. It was amazing, but not really my thing, if that makes sense. It did make me realize how important it is for us to take advantage of any cultural event that's available. And the soloists did an amazing job. Viola Dacus, who is married to Paul's old choir director, is a mezzo-soprano and has the most amazing voice.

5 - Yesterday, the f.f.o.f. (forster family of five - look for the abbreviation more often...) went to my dad's cabin north of canton. We fished. Paul Forster, my twenty-five year old husband, caught his first fish. Ada Brooks reeled in a five pound bass, but the line broke right before it got to shore. She was a bit thrown by this entire experience. But loved it.

6 - My bum hurts from sitting at my dinner table for four hours of delightful conversation last night. And my mouth hurts from smiling so much. What great pains to have.

I have so much to say and so little time. And a baby who is waking up. life goes on.

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