15 July 2009

summertime and the livin's funny

i sent the children outside today to eat popsicles while I was feeding the baby. Collins cannot spend a lot of time outside, even in the shade, because I have this constant conflict between slapping the mosquito off of him and hitting my not quite four week old child.

when he was finished, i put him down and went outside to check on them.

i found two naked kiddos, jumping on the trampoline. spraying each other with the hose. (not exactly missing the bedspread 'drying' on the clothesline)

when i reappeared with my camera, ada brooks ran inside to put on a bathing suit (which simultaneously amused me, made me proud and made me sad).

I started taking pics and took some video as well. the above is my favorite - the 'we think its funny to fall out of things' game.

i do wonder what makes children laugh - especially how they learn at what they should laugh? this evening we watched the videos and looked at the pictures i took. while admiring their handiwork, both of them were cackling so hard i almost pulled the video camera back out.

sometimes i worry about their senses of humor - especially ada's - because she seems to actually think a lot of the things that are marketed to children (ages 5-7, according to netflix) are funny - and they are so not funny. in most of them I don't even understand what is supposed to be funny.

but then, she also laughed at 'anybody want a peanut?' in The Princess Bride, so all hope is not lost.
and she laughed at herself and her brother as they fell out of a wet, plastic wagon.

and maybe i just don't get five year old humor - maybe its my problem...

beautiful sunset tonight in the 39216.

feeding baby again. that's all i do. well, not all. but between feeding him and feeding the other three, cleaning up from feeding the other three, answering questions from the other three, and preparing the next meal, thats pretty much all i do.

makes one understand wetnurses.

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