11 July 2009

i am hot.

eason is constantly naked. i cannot decide if its the summer weather or the obsession with his physical self. or a hold over from often naked, heavy duty potty training.

i am hot and not allowed nor do i prefer to be constantly naked.

we have a hole in our roof. Paul has been trying to fix it for forty eight hours (straight?) now -

someone (cough cough) put 9 beers in our outside freezer on thursday. i just discovered them. i am not cleaning it up. nope. cannot make me.

kroger on a saturday makes me angry - ive decided i cannot go on a saturday anymore.

the produce at the farmers market is imperfect - very imperfect - spots and bruises and various strange colors and shapes - it makes me think that probably God made it that way. just like people. which makes me very concerned about the produce at kroger.... whats the dealio there?

collins has an amusing habit of puddling while i'm changing his diaper. today, he puddled and the angle of the stream dictated that the puddle actually went into his ear. at which he smiled.

something aint right with all men.

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