26 July 2009

happy sabbath

I think its interesting that, in Christian traditions, the Sabbath is referred to as "The Lord's Day." Sunday is our Sabbath; it is the new covenant reference back to the Old Testament Sabbath, from the Hebrew shabbat: to cease, the seventh day, the day of rest. And in many sense's, in OT times, it was a day for the Lord. But, in many ways, it was and is a day from the Lord. A day given to us on which we are commanded not to work. To rest. To remember the day and keep it holy. It is the Lord's day, but in the same way that any gift belongs to its giver -

I am certainly glad to have the gift - it has become for us a day of family centered-ness - of food and fellowship. My children know it as that, and I hope that they always will. After we worship, we play - and visit - and eat - and discuss. What a privilege it is - a gift. A day from and for the Lord.

The Framable Favorite above - possibly my favorite picture of all time...

I took it - on a January day - you know, one of those Mississippi January Days when the high is actually 62, which feels really warm, so you wear short sleeves and end up with goose bumps. But that's okay, because air on your skin is so refreshing. There is some property being developed (and has been being developed now for 8 years or so...) close to my mom's and dad's old house. And we went for a walk on this property- on this January day -when i was quite pregnant with eason - back when ada bee was an only child. we laughed at my mom's dogs playing in the water - and had a grand old time.
And what is better than a little girl on her daddy's shoulders?

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