20 November 2010

Where is your mother?

When Ada Bee was yet a small thing, I started using the phrase "You look like you don't have a mother"

I said it when she was looking particularly waif - ish. You know - hair in face, shirt collar stretched too big, stains on various articles of clothing, no socks with her tennis shoes, etc.

Especially the hair in the face. Ada Brooks Forster needs a clip, rubber band, barrette, ribbon or bow. Trust me.

I started saying it, and like many phrases around here, it became tradition -

bull butter
kiss my tail
you're my favorite, oh so favorite
where is your gourd?

It would take too long to explain them all. But they are all tradition, with, "you look like you don't have a mother..." or just, for short, "motherless."

Yesterday, my husband was outside doing something or other, and he turned around and there was Eason.

Just like this.

Let's examine.

Roller skates.
Which are unbuckled. Pink & Purple. And 3 sizes too big for him.
Blue Jeans. No Belt. And they need a belt. As evidenced by the fact that they are falling down and thus...
Red Underwear Peaking out.
White undershirt. Where is the overshirt? No one knows.
Needs a haircut.
And finally....
One single solitary almost-licked-clean-of-the-mint-cheesecake-batter beater.

Paul said, "Look at Eason. He has no mother."

I said, "False. Where do you think he got the beater?"

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