06 November 2010

Food 11/5 through 11/14

I buy onions by the 10lb bag at Sam's, and I've yet to have one go bad before I used it.... =)

Friday (1 onion): I tried a new cannelloni recipe. It was filled with ground beef, ground sausage and spinach (among other smaller, less important ingredients), and topped with a besciamella and a tomato sauce. I thought it had great flavor, though it was a giant pain in my patootie.

I also did a blue cheese, bacon and garlic hot dip appetizer, which, if I do say so myself, was amazing. I also did an artichoke and roasted pepper pizza appetizer which I'd give about a B-

Saturday (1 onion): Burgers on the grill for supper! And spinach au gratin. Two of my favorite things!

Sunday (2 onions): Shrimp Creole for lunch; grilled cheeses for supper.

Monday(1 onion): My mother's brisket, mashed taters, carrots.

Tuesday(2 onions): Chicken Enchiladas (We were supposed to have these this past week, but my mother decided she wanted a pot of chili, so she made one, and so I used the chicken for paninis, and used the tortillas for kids' lunches, and the rest of the ingredients would keep. So now I'm making them this week)

Wednesday: Church. Maybe I'll have an onion for lunch.

Thursday: We leave for a conference in Florida on this day. We'll grab lunch on the road (or I'll pack us something), and then a friend with whom we're sharing a house at the conference is making us supper. I just ran through the restaurant establishments in my head of places we might go to grab fast lunch. And what I'd order at each. 1/4 - 1/2 of an onion, though it won't be from my pantry.

Friday (2 yellow onions, 24 green onions): We're in charge of lunch and supper. For lunch, I'm going to take down some black bean soup that I'll whip up one day this week and put in the freezer or fridge depending on how late in the week it is. For supper, we'll have pasta with cream sauce and shrimp - one of my absolute favorite recipes.

Saturday(1 onion): Another couple is feeding us lunch, and we're doing a potluck italian feast for supper. I'm contributing the lasagna. For the kids, I'm doing 'ravioli lasagna' - which involves stacking frozen ravioli and layering it with jarred pasta sauce. But for the grownups, I'm doing spicy spinach and cheese ravioli, but I think I'm going to use the left over italian sausage to beef (or pork) up the sauce.

Sunday: We'll grab lunch on the road back home or eat with Paul's parents in Hattiesburg, depending on timing. For supper, some friends of ours are bringing supper to us - it'll be a surprise!

Monday - well, I will wake up on Monday and be super frustrated that my meal planning is off, so i'll have to go to the grocery store, but... that'll be okay, right? right? right?

Because I'll still have a few onions left in my bag.

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