27 April 2010

gotta watch 'em every second

We are blessed with some sweet friends down the street. Friends who Paul and I both like and who have children that are great buddies of our children.

Now, we've known for a while that Ada Brooks and their little boy have a bit of a crush on each other. We are constantly having to say things like "no closing the bedroom door..." or "no wrestling on the trampoline..." or "get your tongue out of her throat"

Okay, not really on that last one, but you get the picture. We're just aware of this burgeoning romance.

If you think i'm crazy, please see the note that my daughter tried to surreptitiously mail down the street... until I caught her and gave her a lecture on modesty having to do not only with dress but with actions.

How did I catch her? She asked for his address. Not that bright to be sending secret love letters with assistance from your mother.

This was six months ago. Since then, her spelling has improved, and their love has grown.

A couple of weeks ago, we went camping with this darling family.

Yes, I said it and we did it. We took four grown ups, a 5.5 year old, a 4.5 year old, a 3 year old, a 2.5 year old and a ten month old

out into the woods. And spent the night. Granted, there was a separate tent - just for the portocrib -

And there were some tears.

But, overall, we had a grand ol' time.

And yes, as soon as we got there, Ada Brooks and said future lover immediately asked if they could play in a tent. And zip it up.


So, when I was going through the pictures from the weekend, I wasn't surprised to find them pal-ing around the whole time

I wasn't surprised to find her gazing lovingly at him.

I wasn't even surprised to see him trying to sneak in a pop on her behind.

hee hee... Can you see a four year old trying that? how ridiculous.

What was I surprised to see?

This, my friends. This is why you gotta watch 'em every second...

if there has ever been a flirt captured on camera...i believe this is it.

Just look at those hands by her face...

And it got worse. "Oh, Eason, you are just too much"
So, we knew the eldest two were trouble. We knew we'd have to watch them, especially in about 10 years.

This other mother and I - yeah - we were patting ourselves on the back. They think they can write love letters. They think they can play "doctor" on the trampoline. They think we are just dummies.

Yes, we knew that Bee tried to tell him what to do.

But we didn't know that she did that to Eas as well....

Yes, we knew that these two were headed for teenage angst.

But these two... sneaky little things they are.


  1. You catch the cutest moments on film!

  2. I know it's they're not to be encouraged... but so, so, so, cute.

    and congrats on the camping experience.

    The first time we went, the entire campgrounds got flooded to the point that my mom could sleep on a floating air mattress in our tent while Dad was able to put up with my brother and I screaming at the thunder in a little four-door thing.

    Surprisingly, it still managed to become a tradition.

  3. great post, but you forgot to mention the lovers' hiking excursion! :)

    love ya'll

  4. This post will mortify her in a few years. And Eason will love it.