27 April 2010


My daddy was over here recently.

(I was helping him join facebook. another post for another time. or never - too painful)

We were looking through photos to try to find him a profile picture. He made the comment that my kids are fairly photogenic. It's not that they're that cute in real life - i mean, they're cute - most kids are - but it's really just that to make up for me being the least photogenic person ever (or as daddy said, maybe it's just that I'm unattractive... - thanks dad), God made my little people take pictures well.

And this is a problem.


Because my iphoto library is up to 8,379 pictures.

Since Ada Brooks was born.

Well, since my baby shower for her, which was in May before she was born. So even though we are probably a few weeks shy of it, let's just round to 6 years.

So, what is that? just over 2000 days or so?

So, approximately four pictures a day?

No one - not even times three - is that cute.

What am I going to do with four pictures a day? stare at them? wax nostalgic (I already have a problem with that...)

So, my goal for the month of May is to get us down to 4000 pictures. 2 a day is so very much more reasonable, right?

So... The Logical thing for me to do is to go through and delete 'duplicates' - not actual duplicates, but same people, same scene duplicates.


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  1. Yeah. I'm going to be a sucker with that too. Only I won't even let go of the "duplicates" ...I love the progression/out-takes that occur.