09 September 2009

we love the cabin

we spent last Sunday afternoon at The Cabin.

The Cabin, as the more brilliant might suspect, is a cabin. When I decided to go to Ole Miss instead of 'some super expensive ivyleague job' (as my dad referred to it), Daddy bought a few acres on a lake about 30 minutes from Jackson. He was planning to build a ramshackle, tiny place out of which he could 'rough it' and bass fish. He didn't realize that the development in which be bought had covenants. You don't have to build on your land, but if you do, it cannot be ramshackle. So, we got a cabin i much prefer - 12oo or so square feet, a/c, washer/dryer, princess beds (my request), a pool table, a big television with real tv, great sound, books we've not read in years, a big open great room, and concrete floors. we love it.

(Everyone knows what a princess bed is, right? It's a bed built into a wall. No, this is not an official architectural or decorating term - it is the term I named them when I fell in love with them as a child. I love princess beds. They are so romantic. Apparently, I've just learned, they are actually called "Dutch Beds" I prefer princess beds.)

(See example above - this is not a bed at our cabin, but a princess bed you can find my googling 'dutch bed' Do not google princess bed - you will be dismayed at what goes on in our country)

Of course, best of all, is its location. on 4ish acres on an awesome fishing lake. Watching my children fish makes my life. And swinging in the swing makes my life better. (funny story about swinging in the swing - maybe i'll tell it sometime).

Anyway - our time at the cabin:

Eason swinging in the awesome red, wooden swing.

Chubby hand trying to reel.
I think this might make a good ad for whomever makes this reel.

Blurry Pic of Ada Brooks on a hike around the lake.

She looks like such a girl fishing... =)

"I'm going to pull the boat so far, Mama"
are you really, eas?
five minutes later....
"Mama - will you help me pull the boat so far?"

Eason says boat in a faint australian accent. It's fairly amazing.

Eason, Paul and my little brother Cliff went out in the boat fishing. 30 seconds later it started to rain. This is the result. I loved it. I loved my pitiful, wet husband even more...

This is what I do at the cabin. Inspect Collins's head and get photographed by my camera obsessed daughter. I love her, even though she has no concept of 'flattering'

Eason got new 'cabin shoes' - He's in love with them.

'specially in love with taking them off and putting them on.

or just staring lovingly at them in the hammock.

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