18 September 2009

cheers to the goo!

Paul has this lovely plastic container that is divided into three compartments. In each compartment there is a different color of goo. You turn it upside down and the different colors of goo go down through holes at different speeds. You know - like a gooey hour glass thing. I've always hated this gooey thing. It's hideous. That is beside the point, I guess. And when the goo goes down, air bubbles come up into the goo.

Eason just brought it to me and said, "Look at the champagne!"

Funny children are such a blessing.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think I drink champagne often enough (that has got to change!) - Gabe can't identify it! He can (and does) say "cheers" often, as we clink glasses, and he can identify wine & beer. It's a start. And yes, funny children are a tremendous blessing.