11 September 2009

nine eleven

A lot of people are reflecting today - 8 years after a day that changed the world. Reflecting on our country, what it means to be an American, reflecting on what it means to be a patriot -

Well, 8 years ago, I was a patriot.

A Jackson Prep Patriot.

Yes, I was a senior in highschool. My class schedule was as follows:

1st period: Coach Crosby's Financial Management, in which I was learning how if I will only give up a lot of money now, I'll have a lot of money later.

2nd period: Mrs. Jenkin's AP Calculus class in which I was being the biggest dork in the history of the world and loving every minute of it. I was also trying to draw the fine line between helping my friends with their homework and doing it for them. I failed.

3rd period: Coach Brewer's study hall. I was forming a lifelong friendship with my dearest Mel - and building up courage to sneak out one day and go to Dairy Queen. Never felt so naughty.

4th period: Mrs. Orr's AP government class in which I was first appreciating devouring supreme court decisions and learning that there was more than one perspective on life.

5th period: Mrs. Flint's Speech and Debate class in which I was making a mockery of an expensive education.

6th period: Mrs. Roberts's English Class in which I was learning to actually write and basking in the glory of actually investing oneself in summer reading journals. See dork reference above.

Yes, my senior year in high school was the first year I can truly say I loved to learn. I became an academic fiend - late in life, really - I do hope my children are academic fiends long before then - not from a success stand point, but just so their growing up will be filled with wonder in education, not just outside of education.

I was dating a very funny boy who was constant entertainment.

My little brothers were 11 and 13.

I drove a green 1996 mazda 626.

It was 2001 and life was grand. I went to pep rally's, wrote papers, stayed up too late doing calculus problems and laughing with my friends, ate my mom's chocolate chip cookies, spent the night at mel's house on weeknights, and generally had the most carefree life a girl can have.

So, eight years later my class schedule is as follows:

First Period: Math - in which I teach time-telling, fractions, weight, volume and how not to be such a know-it-all

Second Period: Language - in which I teach how to comprehend what you are reading outloud (a skill I have trouble teaching since I'm pretty bad at it), and that penmanship is important no matter if you'll one day do most of your writing on a computer...

Third Period: Miscellany - in which I teach how to measure flour, the capitols of states, the books of the Bible, the catechism, the presidents, how the branches of government work, how to be a nice sister, what the prophets were trying to teach Israel, how the old testament prefigures the new testament, and wish i knew how to determine age-appropriate lessons.

Fourth Period: Lunch - in which I prepare Lunch.....

Fifth Period: Nap Time - in which I lesson plan, eat my own lunch, nurse an infant, make grocery lists, start supper preparations, fold clothes, do a little yoga, sneak in some hulu and lime sherbert, read cookbooks, blog or fall asleep thinking of my never-ending to do list.

Sixth Period: Afternoon Time - in which I try to make it to five oclock without Eason falling from a surface above 2.5 ft off the ground, without Ada Brooks asking an unanswerable question and without pouring myself a glass of wine.

I am a wife, a mother, a teacher, a homeowner. I am an academic fiend.

I am married to a very funny man who is constant entertainment (not the same one I was dating back then, but I clearly had a type)

I drive a 2005 Black Dodge Caravan (should have known it was coming when I thought calculus was so fun).

My little brothers are 19 and 21.

It is 2009 and life is grand. I go to the park, zoo, science museum, read books, stay up too late debating theological problems and laughing with my friends, eat my own chocolate chip cookies, spent the night in bed with my husband each night, and generally have a very, very full life.

So, we can reflect on the life of America and patriotism, but really it is the day in and day out lives that matter.

A lot has changed in eight years- babies, marriages, friends, beliefs, values - I was a patriot then and I'm a patriot now - after all, I say the pledge every morning.

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  1. I love you and your precious family. Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day.