17 June 2009

...you live in a zoo...

Today is Miss Ada Bee's birthday. Five whole years. Seems like yesterday and like a lifetime (as things like this often do). She is such a gift - and such a goose. I feel like she's where she needs to be as a five year old, which is a good feeling as a mother. I also feel her little-girl-hood slipping away, which is a heart wrenching feeling. It is amazing to me that in a week (or less), we'll be starting this process with yet another soul. Yet another little person, as my Paul calls them. And its an appropriate name - they are people - in every sense of the word - and they are certainly little.

And they are a treasure from the Lord.

1 comment:

  1. That's a beautiful picture. Makes me want to go squeeze my baby! I will be smart and let him sleep, though. ;-)

    Happy birthday to Ada. And to you, congratulations on five years of being a mom.