07 June 2009

Menu for The Week

Sunday Supper: Old Fashioned Lasagna, Broccoli
Monday Lunch: Leftover Lasagna
Monday Supper: To Dad's house for burgers
Tuesday Lunch: Sandwiches
Tuesday Supper: Chicken Fajitas, Guacamole, Pico
Wednesday Lunch: Various Tortilla Creations
Wednesday Supper: Cheese Soup and Paninis
Thursday Lunch: Leftover Gumbo
Thursday Supper: Homemade Pizza
Friday Lunch: Leftover Pizza
Friday Supper: Ada Brooks has a birthday party at which she and Eason will eat pizza. I am envisioning Taco Bell in mine and Paul's future.
Saturday Lunch: Haven't gotten that far...
Saturday Supper: Red Beans and Rice

This all assumes that Baby On The Way stays put.

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