20 May 2009

too much in my brain

things i'd like to write about, but my brain won't slow down enough for me to sort out thoughts:

1) my last two days at work - what i'm going to miss and what i'm not - what all i think i have learned this year and what i have 'unlearned' - relationships developed.

2) changes in relationships in general - how my marriage looks completely different than it did a year ago, which is at the same time comforting and terrifying - comforting because it is 'more better' than it was a year ago, but terrifying because of how much one's primary relationship in life can change in a year

3) how i'm feeling about my new vocation as full time parent and teacher of my two small children - what homeschooling is going to look like for ada brooks - how we reached this decision that i never would have predicted -

4) what its like to live a completely different life, but in the same place, that i lived growing up

5) what its like to have newly divorced parents

6) how important obama's supreme court nominee is going to be and how he should just let me pick it, because clearly i know who the best decision would be

7) how sad it makes me that I am not surrounded constantly by people who keep up with that stuff/are academically and philosophically inclined enough to be interested in carrying on a long and tortured conversation about the various implications of who might be our next justice. oh, and how the only way i would ever be surrounded by those people is if we moved our family to an ivory tower that was miraculously godly and humored...

8) how i'm feeling about church, etc.

9) what we're eating/i'm cooking this week

10) what all four of us are reading right now (paul - who knows - always has three or four going - i know he's reading a cool book called "measure twice, cut once: lessons from a master carpenter" - ada brooks - third laura ingalls books with me, elmer the dragon with Paul, dr. seuss to herself - eason - current favorite is called "the bunnies are not in their beds" - great book! - me - third laura ingalls with ada brooks, another roadside attraction by tom robbins)

11) ada brooks's impending fifth birthday and how i'm shockingly emotional about it

12) the impending labor and delivery of BOTW - and how i'm shockingly unemotional about it - but passionate about how i want it to go... if that makes any sense.

and, last but not least, the fact that ada brooks wants to start a blog. i think i should let her.

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