10 May 2009

oh - to be a mama

So, if you don't know, its mothers' day. (if you don't know, you should probably call your mother and apologize...)

Definitely not the most attractive picture of me 'mothering' that has ever been taken, but it is one of those moments that i treasure. Ada Brooks welcoming baby brother Eason into the world (cannot believe its been over two years) - and us, in full conversation mode - figure out exactly how she feels about all of it... =)

i find myself thankful for the privilege of being a mother-
such an honor it is - i'm sure i'll have moments of a different opinion when i am dealing with children who are slightly less enamored of me and devoted to me - you know, when they are 12 and 15.

Eason made me handprints for mother's day - and he is so proud "blue hand prints. blue hand prints. blue hand prints, mama"
Ada Brooks and her class made recipe books for their mothers. Each child was supposed to dictate his or her favorite recipe made by mom -

Ada Brooks's page reads like this:



My mom uses beaters and mixes it. She puts it in the oven for half an hour. Then she takes it out and puts icing on it. Then we go to a friends house to eat it.

My name is Ada Brooks, and I am almost 5 years old. When I grow up, I want to take care of animals. My favorite activity to do with my mom is cook supper. I love my mom because she is pregnant!

my comments are as follows:
1) I'm slightly disturbed that she left out flour, sugar, eggs, butter from the cake recipe, but i do give her some credit for recalling the less typical ingredients.
2) Yes, i pretty much only make cakes when going somewhere to eat them...
3) It makes me laugh out loud that she loves me "because I am pregnant." wonder what goes on in her little brain. wonder if she remembers welcoming her brother with as much fondess as i do, and thus is pumped that i am, yet again, with child?

happy mothers' day to all the mamas out there - and all those who will one day share the privilege.

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