30 May 2009

its funny now...

Last night Paul and I had the privilege of being the rehearsal dinner for our good friends, Melissa King and Justin Harvison. Paul is the best man in the wedding, so although we are very glad to be doing it, all wedding festivities fall into the required category.

The rehearsal dinner was at The Parker House, a great restaurant in Ridgeland. The food was amazing - They had an assortment of appetizers - duck quesadillas (Ada Brooks got to be there for appetizers and these were her favorite - those and her shirley temple), fried green tomatoes, fried oysters (not my thing, but Paul said they were great), these yummy little steak bites, crawfish cakes - and some other unidentifiable, but yummy things.

Then we had a salad.

Then I had crab cakes over mashed potatoes with asparagus and Paul had a filet over same mashed potatoes with same asparagus, both excellent - ranks up there with best crab cakes ever.

Then I had white chocolate cranberry bread pudding with creme anglaise and Paul had flourless chocolate torte (mine was much better).

All this to say, great, but very long night. Then toasts. Then slide show.

THEN - after party. Which was on the roof of the Old Capitol Inn. Very cool - perfect night for it - But, we got home at 1:49. Yes, thats almost two in the morning. I haven't been UP that late, much less OUT that late, in months, maybe a year.

I am harping on this, becuase I think it is the cause of the trauma, and yes, I would use the word trauma, that occurred in our bed at 5:45 this morning.

I was happily dreaming away - don't remember of what, but I'm almost positive it was a happy dream. And then a pain - as painful and unrelenting as a contraction - shot into my calf and I went from completely sound asleep to completely wide awake. I actually involuntarily screamed, which is not typical behavior for me. I have no good gauge for how long this cramp actually lasted. 1 minute? 4 minutes? 8 minutes?

I wish I had a video in my room though, because, as one can probably imagine, when a person's very, very pregnant wife starts screaming in the middle of the night, it tends to terrify you. And Paul's reaction - which involved some degree of hyperventilation - was priceless. Or is priceless now that its 8 am (yes, not enough sleep for me - but i'm up and cannot seem to be otherwise, even with no children in the house). He started screaming as well - What! What is it?!? and I said through gritted teeth, "My calf - see if you can stretch my calf." He started pressing on the ball of my foot, a usually reliable way to get rid of a (mild) calf cramp. It didn't help. I was on the verge of tears - it wouldn't go away.

It finally did relent, an unknown amount of time later. I am not in labor (fortunately for the wedding festivities going on later today), but I am limping. No idea calf cramp could really be that bad. Maybe it was just a test for Paul?

I do wonder if the angels were looking down laughing at us. I hope so.


  1. Haha, I had a similar experience a few months ago! Poor Matt was terrified. I limped for several days afterwards, I hate to tell you.

  2. I have just spent the last thirty minutes catching up on your blogs. Warm my heart and make me laugh and wish we a) lived closer to each other and b) got to know each other better while we were still living in Oxford. If you and Paul are ever up in Columbus, I hope we can get together. Good luck in the coming weeks with preparations for baby #3!
    Lindsay Kirkley Clemons