27 October 2008

paul accidentally took the van keys to school with him today. so when i got ready to pack us up to go to school we were literally all dressed up with nowhere to go. or rather all dressed up and no way to get anywhere. I called paul to make sure he hadn't hidden the van keys somewhere - and he suggested that we walk. so we headed out, but i quickly realized that the fact that i was already exactly 1 minute late for work made walking a bad idea. SO - we called Calen, our friend and fellow teacher, and she picked us up on her way.

we walked home. it was awesome. we sang songs and enjoyed the absolutely perfect day. and it was so good for me to move - i have such a hard time exercising, but when i am actually travelling somewhere, i don't even notice the exercise i am getting. so now i feel great.

Ada Brooks has just finished fixing lunch for all three of us - she's such a little busy body - which is endearing and frustrating. Eason is sitting quietly eating his apple -

I am exhausted - i may take a nap with the kiddos. i hate when i have those weekends that leave me (and the children) less rested than we were on friday. they were all good activities - there were just too many.

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