22 October 2008

life plans

I love this time in the morning - We've been having great mornings lately. Paul gets up and takes a shower, wakes me up and we visit - while he eats his breakfast and one of us fixes his lunch. Its hard to believe for me that I am that wife and mother who gets up to send her husband off to work with his leftovers and a kiss. But i do, and I love it.

But he leaves at 7:20 every day and then i have this time - while i listen to the children start to stir. Ada is currently singing to herself and eason is starting to do that talking with a passie in his mouth thing. which i love.

Paul's parents called yesterday to tell us that they are going to hire a green architect to come and build them a new house on their land in Petal. And that if we want to, we can come live almost rent free in their old house while we get our masters at Southern. We are still talking about it, but its an amazingly kind offer and a hard one to turn down. They are awesome grandparents and we have been in constant turmoil about who will go back to school when. It would be great if we didn't have to worry about the biggest chunk of our living expenses. I think I am fine with it as long as we have an exit strategy. Maybe if the President felt the same way when he sent our troops some place....

I am stressed out about the upcoming election - because either way SO many people are going to be angry.

the children are saying more explicit things now, which means i probably need to parent.... =)

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